Our Research

historic science photo from http://memory.loc.gov/ Our laboratory group is committed to identifying key molecular and developmental determinants of diabetes. To this end, our work is currently focused on three questions.

  • How does fetal exposure to high glucose incite poor metabolism? To study this, we have developed an innovative model of intrauterine diabetes exposure accomplished via unilateral infusion of macronutrients into the uterine artery.

  • How does cystic fibrosis cause diabetes? We are working collaboratively with other University of Iowa investigators to better understand the pathophysiology of cystic fibrosis related diabetes. Our work suggests that cystic fibrosis induces a functional pancreatic islet defect independent of structural pancreatic damage.

  • How can fatty acid metabolism be decoupled from insulin resistance? We recently demonstrated that PPARγ directly augments the PDK1:AKT nexus of insulin signaling despite directly increasing muscle fatty acid uptake.

About Us

University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center Our team includes experienced scientists and students. Please browse these pages, reading about our research, our lab members, or view links to our publications. You may view our public resources for diabetes research. Please feel free to contact us.     Our affiliations:
University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital
Department of Pediatrics
● & Department of Biochemistry
→ in the Carver College of Medicine
→ at the University of Iowa
Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center
Obesity Research and Educational Initiative

Areas of Technical Expertise

  • Diabetes-related molecular physiology and insulin action
  • Single fuel exposures in the uterine artery
  • Bioinformatic approaches to metabolism research
  • Fatty acid metabolism

Grant Support

Lab News Highlights

historic science photo from http://memory.loc.gov/

Feb-2016 Dr. Younes’ work has been selected for a Presidential Poster Award from the Pediatric Endocrine Society / Society for Pediatric Research at the annual meeting this spring in Baltimore.

Oct-2015 Dr. Kua receives the Kenny Award for best research presentation by a fellow at the Midwest Society for Pediatric Research meeting.

Oct-2015 We assisted with aspects of the experimental design of studies published this year in Diabetes and Cell Metabolism.

May-2015 Dr. Gordon’s paper from our lab showing that hyperglycemia directly causes fetal cardiac overgrowth is published.

Apr-2015 Dr. Kua receives a Fellow Research Award at the national Society for Pediatric Research meeting in San Diego.

Feb-2015 The PET center helped us determine that the placenta has immense avidity for glucose, supporting unparalleled rates of glucose flux, as published here and reviewed in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine 56(3):21N.

Jan-2015 We assisted Dr. Aliye Uc’s lab determine whether loss of porcine CFTR leads to diabetes, as published here.

Jan-2015 Dr. Jamal Kriem, a pediatric gastroenterology fellow, joins the laboratory.

Jul-2014 Dr. Michelle Baack, a neonatology fellow in the lab, has published her work showing that isolated hyperglycemia, localized only to the uterine artery, is sufficient to induce embryopathy.

Mar-2014 We assisted Dr. Jeff Segar describe the influence of fetal angiotensin II on fetal cardiac remodeling, as published here.

Mar-2014 We collaborated with with Drs. Sui and Engelhardt to quantify metabolic insulin action and secretion as published here.

Jul-2013 Dr. Lim Kua, a neonatology fellow, joins the lab.

May-2013 Congratulations to Alex Sawatzke, who is graduating from medical school with research distinction based on his work in the lab. Dr. Sawatzke’s work detailed the kinetics of glucose transfer from maternal circulation to placenta to fetus, using advances to our previoiusly published PET scan-based approach.

Oct-2012 Dr. Areej Younes, a pediatric endocrinology & diabetes fellow, joins the laboratory.

Sep-2012 Our collaborative work on cystic fibrosis related diabetes, with the Engelhardt lab and other investigators at the University of Iowa, is now available online at the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Jun-2012 Our work determining the impact of PPARγ on skeletal muscle lipid metabolism and insulin signaling is featured on the cover of the June issue of the journal Molecular Endocrinology.

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