Electromagnetic Fields Can Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Our lab contributed to scientific work newly published in Cell Metabolism showing that exposure to generated electromagnetic fields lowers blood sugar in rodents with type 2 diabetes. We were thrilled to help design and interpret the glycemic clamps that were used to better understand the physiological mechanisms involved in the phenomenon. (Pubmed link; DOI link).

Graphical summary from article

Developmental origins of endocrine disease

The environment each of us was exposed early in life, even in the womb, matters for our long term health. The mechanisms involved are not well understood, but the impacts include endocrine diseases – especially diabetes. Check this out: the Journal of Endocrinology is publishing a special edition focused on the developmental origins of endocrine disease. Our lab contributes the lead original research article in the edition, which is reviewed in the issue’s main editorial.

Andrew Henry Graduates

Congratulations to Andrew Henry upon his undergraduate graduation with a degree in Biochemistry! Andrew has been working in the lab since late in his Freshman year.

Andrew Henry

Gulnara Novbatova completes Masters of Science degree

Congratulations to Gulnara Novbatova. Today, she presented her Master’s research performed in our lab. Her work identified differential auxologic effects of maternal high fat diet on offspring between strains. She has now completed her Masters of Science requirements. We wish her the best of luck as she moves to start her Doctoral work.

Gulnara Novbatova

New Website is Up

We are pleased to unveil our new lab website, as of 1:12 pm CDT on April 17, 2019.  We were very fond of the old site, but time had antiquated its server, operating system, and rendering engine.  We have moved much of the content on to the new website, and hope to better keep up with lab news, etc.

Dr. Kua – Kenny Award

Oct-2015 Dr. Kua received the Kenny Award for best research presentation by a fellow at the Midwest Society for Pediatric Research meeting.

Dr. Kua receives the 2015 Kenny Award (for best presentation by a fellow at the Midwest Society for Pediatric Research meeting).

Dr. Kua – Fellow Research Award

Apr-2015: Dr. Kua received a Fellow Research Award at the national Society for Pediatric Research meeting in San Diego.

Dr. Kua, a neonatology fellow in the lab, receives his 2015 Society for Pediatric Research Fellow Research Award from SPR president Dr. Jake Kushner at the national meeting in San Diego.

Alex Sawatzke graduates with research distinction

May-2013: Congratulations to Alex Sawatzke, who is graduating from medical school with research distinction based on his work in the lab. Dr. Sawatzke’s work detailed the kinetics of glucose transfer from maternal circulation to placenta to fetus, using advances to our previoiusly published PET scan-based approach.