Lab alumni

We are extremely grateful to all past Norris Lab members for their contributions to the lab and to diabetes research.  We have tried to list all past members here, as well as Dr. Norris’s direct research trainees whose work involved projects outside the lab.

Gulnara Novbatova

    • Lab Position: Graduate Student (Masters)
    • Years: 2018-2019
    • Subsequent position: PhD Graduate Student, Iowa State University, lab of Aileen Keating.

Jianrong Yao, Ph.D.

    • Lab Position: Research Scientist (2010-2018)
    • Lab Position: Postdoctoral Scholar (2005-2010)
    • Years: 2005-2018
    • Subsequent Position: Research Scientist, University of Iowa

Jamal Kriem, M.D.

    • Lab Position: Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow
    • Years: 2014-2017
    • Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Iowa
    • Current Position: Pediatric Gastroenterologist,  Children’s Hospital of Michigan (link as of 2019)

George Spyropoulos

    • Lab Position: Visiting Postdoc (2014-2015)
    • Lab Position: Pediatric Resident (2015-2017)
    • Years: 2014-2017
    • Subsequent Position: Pediatric Critical Care Fellow, Washington University

Areej Younes, MD

    • Lab Position: Pediatric Endocrine Fellow
    • Years: 2012-2016
    • Subsequent Position: Faculty Endocrinologist Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    • Current Position: Pediatric Endocrinologist, Northwestern University, Lurie Children’s Hospital (link as of 2022)

Kok “Lim” Kua

    • Lab Position: Neonatology Fellow
    • Years: 2013-2016
    • Subsequent Position:
      • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Indiana University (link as of 2019);
      • Researcher, Herman B Wells Center Diabetes Research Center (link as of 2019)

Erin Gordon, DO

    • Lab Position: Critical Care Fellow
    • Years: 2011-2014
    • Subsequent Position: Cardiac Critical Care Fellow, University of Texas Southwestern
    • Current Position: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics , University of Texas Southwestern (link as of 2019)

Alex Sawatzke, MD

    • Lab Position: Medical Student
    • Years: 2009-2013
    • Subsequent Position: Orthopedic Surgery Resident, Grand Rapids
    • Current Position: Orthopedic Surgeon, University of Washington (link as of 2019)

Chunlin Wang

    • Lab Position: Research Assistant
    • Years: 2008-2012
    • Subsequent Position: Research Associate, University of Maryland

Diana Dang, MD

    • Lab Position: Neonatology Fellow
    • Years: 2009-2012
    • Subsequent Position: Attending Neonatologist, St Lukes Kansas City (link as of 2019)

Chelia Briner

    • Lab Position: Undergraduate in the Iowa Biosciences Academy
    • Years: 2011-2012
    • Subsequent Position: Allen College, Nursing/BSN

Michelle Baack, MD

    • Lab Position: Neonatology Fellow
    • Years: 2009-2011
    • Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Sanford Research
    • Current Position:
      • Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Sanford School of Medicine
      • NIH Funded Investigator and Research Faculty, Sanford Research (Baack lab website link as of 2019)

Elizabeth (Geisendorfer-Lindgren) Segar, MD

    • Lab Position: Visiting Undergraduate Research Assistant
    • Years: Summer 2011
    • Subsequent Position: Medical Student, University of Iowa
    • Current Position: Pediatric Resident, University of Iowa

Brandon Menke, MD

    • Lab Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Biochemistry Dept, 2005-2009
    • Lab Position: Medical Student Summer Research Assistant, 2009-2010
    • Years: 2005-2010
    • Subsequent Position: Opthalmology Resident
    • Current Position: Ilumin Opthalmology, affiliated with University of Nebraska Medical Center (link as of 2019)

Alex Howe

    • Lab Position: Visiting Undergraduate Research Assistant (summers 2006 & 2007)
    • Lab Position: Research Assistant (2010)
    • Subsequent Position: Field Biologist, U.S. Department of the Interior
    • Current Position: Graduate Student of Forest Ecology, Utah State University
      • Link to 2017 research talk given by Alex

Eray Savgan-Gurol, MD

    • Lab Position: Pediatric Endocrine Fellow (co-mentored with Dr. Jeff Murray
    • Years: 2008-2009
    • Subsequent/current Position: Pediatric Endocrinology Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital (link as of 2019)

Jonathan Karch

    • Lab Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant
    • Years: 2008-2009
    • Subsequent Position: University of Iowa School of Dentistry

Martha “Mattie” Oelschlaeger (Herbst), MD

    • Lab Position: Medical Student Research Assistant
    • Years: Summers 2008 & 2009
    • Subsequent Position: Anesthesiology Resident, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI
    • Current Position: Pediatric Anesthesiology Faculty, University of Iowa (link as of 2019)